Many of our clients are entrepreneurs, company executives and trustees who have worked in professional and corporate environments. Our approach has particular appeal to individuals with this type of background and others who wish to manage their financial affairs with process that is professional and well organised.

Our clients take on a role similar to that of a ‘CEO’ with respect to their personal financial planning and investments. Our job is to provide critical support to help them achieve their objectives, and to this end we essentially take on a role similar to that of a finance director reporting to the CEO.

More specifically, our main tasks are to prepare the necessary projections and plans, to identify major strategic alternatives, to highlight threats and opportunities, to recommend courses of action, and to manage plan implementations.

The client’s main tasks are to provide the personal goals that the plan is meant to achieve over time, to consider the strategic alternatives and recommendations, and to make the key decisions.

By choice, we do not operate a ‘discretionary’ investment management service in which the client delegates all investment decisions to the adviser. In contrast, we believe that clients have the best likelihood of achieving long term success when they have at least a basic understanding of the actual investments they own, and why they own them. We make ourselves fully available to explain key aspects of how the capital markets work over time, to make clear recommendations, to analyse alternative upside and downside scenarios, and to provide whatever help and advice we can. But we believe that the best long term results are achieved when the final approval remains in the client’s hands.