We happily work with all demographics and social types.

What our clients have in common is a genuine appreciation for the real contribution that sound long term financial planning can make in helping them reach their life goals. They also understand the importance of avoiding short term distractions and of staying disciplined through changeable market environments.

Prospective clients will likely have a preference for solid evidence-based investment processes that focus on the long term and which avoid chasing the latest investment fad or panicking at the latest market correction. They will also likely have an appreciation for the real value that can be delivered by the careful use of new technologies, academic research and ‘big data’ techniques.

Finally, they will appreciate that potential long term benefits can only be fully realised if the work is pursued within an environment where people and long term relationships are valued over short term transaction volumes.

If this appeals to you, you are probably the kind of person who would benefit from a relationship with Fensham Howes.