Fensham Howes Limited was established with a single purpose: to help our clients achieve their life financial goals.

For every client, this starts by establishing clear and practical strategic objectives. A long term action plan is then put into place. The plan is kept current through regular monitoring, constant attention to detail, and by making sensible adjustments to changes in life circumstances or the environment.

We carefully select and limit the number of our client relationships. This enables us to reliably deliver a professional and personalised service that meets the high standards we have set for the business.

Client financial plans are developed using detailed cash flow models and other analytical tools. Clear and focused decision-making frameworks enable clients to understand how the various pieces of their wealth fit together and how their financial position is likely to evolve over time.

Investment strategies are individually designed to support the needs of each client. Most typically, we construct investment portfolios using low cost and broadly diversified institutional-class vehicles which target dimensions of long term capital market return that have been identified by academic research. If circumstances require, we will also fine-tune individual client portfolios with specific financial instruments.

Our approach is based upon the conviction that achieving long term financial success requires planning, patience, persistence and discipline over a significant number of years. Financial research has repeatedly shown that, on average and over time, other approaches deliver statistically less reliable results. We work best with clients who share this view.