Personal injury trusts and deputyships

We offer a specialised financial planning, modelling, and investment advisory service focused on helping trustees, families, and deputies of the Court of Protection who have received a personal injury or clinical negligence settlement.

Given the often tragic circumstances of these cases, it is crucially important to be sensitive to human needs. It is equally important however for the financial adviser to have the high powered analytical capability necessary to develop a smart financial strategy to benefit the claimant.

Our involvement typically begins once an award has been granted. In most cases, we will develop a detailed probability-based cash flow forecasting model and provide a supporting investment portfolio to help claimants meet the financial challenges of an often uncertain personal future.

Throughout the post-award phase, we help trustees and deputies to develop workable expense budgets and cash flow models, to design and implement investment portfolios and drawdown schedules, and closely monitor ongoing developments.

Personal injury award funds often need to be managed conservatively. However, they must also be financially productive. This often entails taking on a prudent amount of investment risk within existing risk constraints.

We are also happy to offer a second opinion to trustees and deputies currently working with other advisers.