Private individuals and families

Our service is designed to meet the needs of successful individuals and couples in a position of financial responsibility who want to implement a multi-generational wealth strategy and to ensure bright financial futures for both the older and younger members of their family.

We are equally effective at helping the up-and-coming professional individual or couple who are still in the relatively early stages of building for the future. This type of client will particularly benefit from getting an early start on planning their life goals.

Regardless of the specifics of any individual situation, clients can benefit from our modelling capabilities to improve their long term tax planning, to find the right balance between spending for today and saving for tomorrow, and to find the right balance between targeting growth potential and controlling risk in their investment portfolio.

We work best with individuals who want to preserve and methodically grow their wealth over time. Studies show that the odds are stacked against those who try to cobble together a long term plan by pursuing a successive string of short term tactics. The most reliable results are achieved by people who think in terms of decades rather than months.